Our Story


Who is Greg and what inspired him to create a grilled cheese food truck?

While Greg had always dreamed of owning a restaurant/bar, he spent the last 19 years working in the Seattle tech industry. But then in 2011, he became fascinated by the food truck movement and began visiting trucks in many different cities. Around the same time, he also saw a restaurant solely focused on grilled cheese, and for him the connection of those two ideas became his inspiration.

Grilled cheese is an ideal comfort food that can be enjoyed by everyone, and it opens the door to lots of creative possibilities beyond just the traditional bread, butter and cheese (although that one is pretty darn good too). By delivering these sandwiches on a food truck, we are extremely excited by the opportunity to see and meet people at all of the locations we’ll be rolling to.

Most importantly, we look forward to serving you at THE ULTIMATE MELT!